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GMC tech s r.o.
gear grinding and cutting services - CNC machining
spur, helical, bevel gears - sprockets - worms - racks


Company profile:

GMCtech s r.o is an engineering company dealing in machinery specializing in gears production. The history of the company dates back to the late 1990s where its business activities were in the form of sales. The company GMCtech s r.o. was established in 2006. We currently we have a complete portfolio of machines for production of standard types of gears, including measuring instruments for inspection. We have a wide ranging assortment of tools for the production of gears.

Our objectives:

Our objective is to win and hold the position of the leading supplier of gears in the Czech Republic, to expand into foreign markets and to develop production to the satisfaction of our clients. Therefore, we invest all our funds into the purchase of machines and machine equipment. We place great emphasis on flexibility and quality of production and are open to new trends in the area of machining. We improve company know-how through the education and training of our staff in cooperation with machine and tool suppliers.

gear1 gear2

Production program:

  • CNC turning
  • drilling and milling
  • gear cutting
  • slotting
  • broaching
  • grinding
  • gear grinding
  • honing
  • gear inspection on measuring instrument

We ensure production, heat treatment, surface treatment and other technologies in within the form of cooperation. We offer our clients transport by car.


Our production is controlled by MOM software to ensure full traceability of information of the course, status and history of production. Potential problems with the technical status of the machines are analyzed from the statistical results, technologies and the specialization of employees while corrective measures are proposed.  The circulation of documentation is controlled by barcodes and documentation is archived for any requests by clients. We ensure material attestations and can provide our clients with all protocols concerning product quality. We are certified of the Quality Management System in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001.

zahnrad1 zahnrad2


Our machine equipment enables to produce:
  • turning up to ø750mm in the length of 2000mm
  • gear cutting on Gleason, Lees-Bradner, Heckert and Pfauter machines
    • spur and helical gears up to ø1000mm and maximum module 16
    • bevels
    • sprockets
    • worms and worm gears
  • broaching of keyways and internal spline on the Arthur Klink machine
  • slotting of internal gears and racks
  • cylindrical grinding up to ø500mm in the maximum length 2000mm
  • gear grinding up to ø750mm and a maximum module of 16 on Gleason, Reishauer machines
  • 3D measure Wenzel
  • gear inspection and analysis on the Zeiss-Höfler measuring device, including the production of protocols
For other required operations we ensure cooperation on production.


Address of the company:
GMC tech s.r.o.
Baška 540
739 01 Baška
Czech Republic
Address of the operating unit:
GMC tech s.r.o.
Areál ZD Chlebovice 
739 42  Chlebovice
Czech Republic
Telephone, e-mail:
tel. +420 595 173 568

Company ID number (IČ): 27784487
Tax number (DIČ): CZ27784487

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